Restoring and healing the indoor environment
improving your health

We eliminate MOLD, ODORS, ALLERGENS, BACTERIA and VIRUSES in 24 hours without the use of harmful chemicals. Our proven and guaranteed process is the eco-friendly, economic and effective way to restore, sanitize and heal your indoor environment.

Results Guaranteed

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Are you…

SHOCKED by the high cost of mold remediation?

CONCERNED about destroying your house in order to destroy the mold?

DISAPPOINTED by the lack of a chemical free, eco-friendly alternative?

WORRIED about the existing harmful spores you can’t see?

EXPERIENCING asthma, stuffy nose, headaches?


Oxygen Sanitizing Systems provides:

  • One Complete, Non-invasive    Treatment
  • Safe, chemical-free
  • One Day

Helpful Indoor Health Information

A study by NSF International found that refrigerator ice and water dispenser were loaded with yeast and mold, which can wreak havoc on allergies. Clean the ice dispenser monthly. Turn off the ice maker and wash the ice bin with dish soap and water, then wipe dry with a clean towel. Once or twice a year, pour three or four cups of distilled white vinegar into the water supply tube and let it run through to sanitize the water dispenser. Once a week wipe the spout with a clean cotton swab and a dry cloth.